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December / Early January

Garden Highlights

BULBS: Crocus, early species, Cyclamen (hardy cyclamen), Galanthus (snowdrop)

PERENNIALS: Heleboreus niger (christmas rose), Iris unguicularis (algerian iris)

CLIMBERS: Jasminum nudiflorum (winter jasmine)

SHRUBS: Camellia sasanqua, Cornus spp., Daphne mexereum, Erica spp. (heath), Fatsia japonica, Ilex spp (holly), Mahonia 'charity', Viburnum tinus

TREES: Prunus serrulata (japanese flowering maple)


Annuals, perennials and bulbs

• protect crowns of tender plants on frosty nights
• check dahlia and begonia tubers, and gladiola corms, and remove infected ones

Trees, Shrubs and Climbers

• lightly prune hollies and evergreens, and use clippings for wreaths and seasonal decorations
•rake up and destroy old rose leaves to prevent overwintering of diseases

Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs

• mulch herb bushes if weather turns severe
• plan vegetable garden
• begin spraying fruit trees with dormant oil and lime sulpher in mild weather
• check stored fruit and other produce and remove any that are rotting

Lawns and general garden activities

• rake leaves and debris off lawns and avoid walking on frozen grass
• take the opportunity to clean and sharpen tools and service the lawn mower and any other power equipment

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