Grandpa and grandson planting in the garden together

The edible landscape – Combine beauty and practicallity!

With many varieties of edible plants, you can create a beautiful and practical edible garden. The stunning fall colour of blueberries, the shade an apple tree can provide, and the abundance of fruit off of a tomoato or pepper. 


Vegetable starts and seeds

We carry a selection of organic and non-GMO vegetable starts. From salad greens, to tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers to brassicas, we hope to have what you are looking for. 

For more information on types of vegetables and how to grow them, click here 

Fruits and Berries

Fruit trees and berry bushes are available in all types of sizes and varieties.
Enjoy our combination fruit tress, espalier trained as well as hedge trained trees.
Peaches! Apples! Pears! Cherries! Plums!
Blueberries! Currants! Raspberries! Strawberries! Grapes! Kiwis! Gooseberries!
It is always a good idea to do your research before planting fruit and berries. Many varieties require a pollinator, so knowing what you want and how much room you have is beneficial.

Dykhof nurseries selection of edible herbs


Fresh culinary herbs, straight out of the garden are a must have. Even the smallest windowsill garden can provide fresh herbs for cooking. Most require a warm, sunny location in the garden but not necessarily the most fertile soils as they are quite easy to grow.

Basil, requires warmer weather, so the best time to put that outside is when your tomatoes are ready to go out. Night time temperatures of 10 degrees celcius consistently.