Grandpa and grandson planting in the garden together

In Store

At Dykhof Nurseries, we always strive to bring you the best plants and gardening products in store that we can.

If you’re looking for something specific, let us know!



We have a lovely selection of low light, bright light, flowering and upright or trailing house plants. New plants arrive regularly in store so make sure to check back to discover that perfect plant.

Dykhof nurseries selection of annual flowers

Annuals and perennials

Annuals start arriving at the garden centre mid-April, with more arriving every week. From old-fashioned to brand new varieties, there are flowers in every colour, shape and size you can think of.

Dykhof nurseries cypress tree

Trees and shrubs

There are many different trees and shrubs out there for different applications. When choosing what tree or shrub you are looking for think about the amount of sun it is getting and where it is located in your yard. Plants in the background can be taller than ones that are closer to the front of your garden bed. 

Dykhof nurseries selection of edible herbs

Fruits, vegetables and herbs

Growing your own fruits, vegetables and herbs is one of the simple steps you can take to reduce your carbon footprint and know that you are eating healthy. And it’s easy – most of your vegetables and herbs can be grown from seed. Or, try planting seedlings which are even easier!

Dykhof nurseries closeup of cut flower bouquet

Cut flowers

Seasonal and fresh, a colourful bouquet is a great thing to go home with. Whether it is for a loved one, or to brighten up your home, flowers are a great way to bring a smile to a face or bring some of the colourful world inside. Pre-made or custom made, picked up in store or delivered – it is totally up to you!

Dykhof nurseries water plants

Pond plants

The sound of water flowing and the different foliages of pond plants are a great way to add sound and texture into your landscape. A small water bowl on your patio, or a pond in your yard can be a tranquil place to sit and enjoy your surroundings.

soil with plant sprout

Soil and fertilizer

Feeding your plants is like feeding your body. We all need vitamins and nutrients to grow strong and healthy and your plants are the same way. And, just as there are different vitamins for different parts of our body, there are different fertilizers and soils in store for different plants and different growth habits.

Dykhof nurseries selection of plant pots

Pots and giftware

The most important thing to take into consideration while choosing a container is how functional it is for the plant. Adequate size and drainage should always be a priority. Our line of giftware has steadily expanded over the years and we are proud to have some unusual and different items that are perfect for almost anyone.