White Tulip Spring Display

Spring Flowering Bulbs

When is the best time to plant?

Spring flowering are extremely hardy. If you are planting in the ground the soil temperature should be around 9 degrees Celsius. For best results, we recommend planting these bulbs about 2 weeks before the first heavy foot, in most parts of Canada this is late September to mid October. This will give the bulbs enough time to make roots before winter sets in. If you are planting in containers you will want to plant the bulbs by December so that they can experience a long enough cold period.

Where should I plant my bulbs?

You can plant bulbs directly in the ground in: flower beds, borders, under fruit trees, roses, or in other areas that you would like to add some spring colour. You can also plant bulbs in pots and containers. The most important feature of planting location is drainage, Try to avoid heavy clay soils and containers without drainage holes.Your planted bulbs will beed good moisture in order to root our properly, but if there is standing water on top of where you plant your bulbs the bulbs will rot and not perform as they should. 

How to Choose the right bulbs?

Have a plan. It is easy to look at all the different colours and flowers, and get caught up in decision making. Look at when the bulb will bloom, and think about what colours you want to see emerge next Spring. 

The best time to plant bulbs is mid to late October, but selection may not always be there at that time. If you see something you want, purchase it early and store it somewhere cool and dry until it is time to plant. 

After Flowering Maintenance

Once the bulbs are finished flowering, do not cut them back right away. In order for bulbs to come back and look nice for the following seasons you must allow the foliage to die down naturally. Start by cutting the flower head off entirely so that is does not start producing seed. This will trigger the bulb to start storing energy back in to the bulb for next years flowers. At this time, it is helpful to mix bone meal or bulb food into the soil.